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The EverRed series was created in response to the growing amount of wine lovers in Israel who were in search of a wine that would accompany a meal, and a wine which provides a wonderful reward already in its youth. At the same time, it will continue to further improve as time goes by.

The Ella series includes a red blend and a white blend that are made from grapes grown in the vineyards of the winery in combination with the unique terroir of the Ella Valley in the Judean Mountains. The wines in the series will suit any hour of the day and will upgrade any event.

The ESTATE series is the winery's flagship series. A wine that has gained great popularity with wine lovers at home, in restaurants and in wine shops – as well as among visitors and wine journalists in Israel and around the world. The series includes most varieties of the winery, from different vintage years. The wines in this series are varietal wines that have been aged in French oak barrels. The Wines in this series have a very high aging potential.

The winery's premium brand that brings out the finest grapes from the best vineyard departments, as well as a wine that has undergone a long aging in the barrel and bottle, prior to its launching. The winemaker decides each year which wines will carry the prestigious and binding VC label, so every year you will find different wines in this series.

In this category you will find special wines that have come out in limited editions. Each wine is produced from grapes grown in the winery's vineyards in the finest plots. Wines that are the fruit of the winemaker's taste and imagination, and almost every harvest a new and unique wine is born.

The series was born to provide an answer for the growing wine lovers in Israel, a wine that accompanies a meal, and gives a wonderful return already in its youth. At the same time it will continue to improve over time.

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