This series was created to address the need of a growing audience of wine lovers in Israel that are looking for wine that will accompany a meal at an affordable price, for daily enjoyment without compromising on quality. The red wines from this series give a wonderful reward already in their youth, but at the same time they will continue to excel over time. The series began with one red blend, and today includes four different wines: two reds, rosé and white.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium-bodied wine, fruit flavors balanced with acidity leading to an elegant finish.

Red Blend- Cabernet-Merlot

The wine has a solid and rich structure, a rough tannin, spiced with an abundance of fruit with a long and impressive finish.


Rosa is dry and surprising, full of fruit and with a pleasant acidity that accompanies the entire tasting. Has a round and serious structure, but at the same time is light and fun.


A perfect blend for relieving hot summer days. Combines crispness and sharpness from the Sauvignon Blanc, florals from the vignette and the nobility typical of Chardonnay. A balanced wine, full of fruit, generous acidity and a refreshing finish.

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