The winery’s premium brand that brings out the finest grapes from the best vineyard departments, as well as a wine that has undergone a long aging in the barrel and bottle, prior to its launching.

The winemaker decides each year which wines will carry the prestigious and binding VC label, so every year you will find different wines in this series.

BLEND 2015 - 32˚N 35˚E

This blend was first created in the 2008 harvest. The name of the wine is derived from the geographical coordinates of the winery's vineyards: latitude N ° 32 which runs slightly north of the longitude 35˚E out the winery yard. The choice of 32˚N35˚E is our way of appreciating the blessed land and the special conditions of the Ella Valley area, characterized as a unique "Terroir". A complex and powerful wine that combines aromas of barrel fruit, skin and soil. Elegant and sleek with a lasting finish.


We rarely get an exceptional and unique harvest year that allows us to create something profoundly different and a one-time event. The Chardonnay in this series has only been released a few times out of the winery's vintages. The grapes come from a single department - single vineyard owned by the winery in Nes Harim. After a nocturnal, manual harvest, and careful sorting the grapes were transferred to fermentation in wooden barrels. A rich, round and multi-layered wine. Complex barrel flavors that support ripe fruit and refreshing acidity.

מבעבע 2009

Blanc de Blanc

The 2009 harvest is the first harvesting in the winery in which sparkling wine using the traditional method was created. The wine preparation process is rigorous and complex, and includes an individual selection of a selected Chardonnay plot from Nes Harim vineyard, an early harvest and a separate fermentation of the wine, first in a container, and then a second fermentation in a bottle. The wine stayed on the yeast for 8 years in the winery cellar. The precipitate and yeast were then removed from the wine, and the bottle re-corked. Fresh and mineral, with hints of citrus and yellow fruits, yeast, delicate roasting and butteriness. A crisp mouth, mineral and with live acid that develops into rich flavors of yeast, toast and butter with a fresh and invigorating finish.

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