The winery has three series of wine:


The series was created in order to meet the demand of the ever-growing wine aficionado market in Israel for wine accompanying a meal, but is great even while young. Moreover, it will improve over time.

Ella Valley

A quality brand, which has gained popularity among wine aficionados at home, in restaurants and at wine stores – as well as among critics and wine columnists in Israel and abroad. The series includes the majority of the winery's products, from different vintages. 

Considered to be of great value considering its price.

Vineyard’s Choice

The winery's  luxury brand which embodies the finest grapes from the vineyard's best plots, as well as being a wine which has undergone long aging in barrels and bottles. The vintner decides each year which wines will have the privilege of carrying the honorable and prestigious VC label, and therefore from year to year there will be different wines in this series.